Making Great Entries & Profitable Exits

This topic is vital for traders, but I’ve simplified it down for EVERYONE! Based on the methods I teach in our Learn to Fish courses, this ebook focuses on when to get in, and when to get out. Whether you’re investing, swing trading or day trading, this simple ebook covers it all.

Brief Summary

Simple and direct in style, this book removes all the fluff and jargon, and gets the topic down to the bare facts you need to consistently succeed

Retire Early? Yes, You Can!

This simple ebook focuses on what we all know we need, and so very few have…a plan! It takes an unconventional path that goes deep into what you truly want, and how to get there. It’s also a companion piece to our handy retirement planning template on

Brief Summary

We all dream of the day we can pack it in and do the things we love the most. The sooner the better!

That doesn’t have to be just a dream.