This Is All About Me!

Well, not really…this website is all about you actually, but this section I’m claiming as mine!

We can go back to you shortly.

So, who the heck am I?

The answer is not in the existential, dressed in a black beret and turtle-neck sense, but really who the heck do I think I am promoting a unique path to financial freedom???

And why on earth do I think anyone would want to listen to me???

Give me a moment to tell my story and you can decide how to answer those two questions. (See?!… it goes right back to being all about you!

I ‘retired’ from the corporate world at the age of 49, right at the height of the pandemic in July 2020. That raised some eyebrows.

I had always planned on retiring early, but I utilized the fall in the market to compress my timeline from years, down to the period between March and July….so a few months. That raised a few more.

How did I do that? Well, I had started investing and trading and self-managing my net worth through those activities since the last financial collapse in 2008/2009. During that 2 year period, I noticed that while the market was rapidly recovering my accounts that were managed by my ‘financial advisor’ seemed stuck in the mud.

He was either incapable, or unwilling, or unable to respond to the change in the market or the clear bargains that were to be had.

So, I fired him.

It was painfully obvious to me that staying the course would mean that while my working runway was always getting shorter, the growth I needed before I got to the end of it, wouldn’t be there when I arrived.

I grew up very poor, so being self-reliant was just a necessity. I didn’t feel any fear at taking this on myself. I started from nothing and even by 2009, I didn’t have a big account back then. In fact, it was well under 100k across the lot of them.

I started as a value investor, and not by accident. In my corporate life, I was the guy they sent to solve the big hairy problems or to take apart a business and put it all back together again, and have it be more profitable.

That meant I needed to understand Financials, Operations, Management, Strategy, and Market Dynamics and how all of those go together in order to succeed.

As a value investor, I was looking for opportunities where “I know what something is worth, but I was able to pay less for it”.

My experience, plus my MBA, and BBA helped me grow my wealth to a multiple 7 figures from that fateful day I fired my advisor.

Along the way, I took up swing trading, and used that to generate an additional $10k to $20k a month on average over and above my corporate salary, and over and above my investment growth

In fact, at the time I handed in my resignation, I was making way more outside my job, than in it, and it was time for me to pick a lane.

I chose me.

Now that I had bought my time back, I filled it almost instantly with private financing deals, continuing my trading now full time, and finally getting to add day trading from a hobby to a full-time income source.

I had clearly failed retirement 101!

But I was infinitely happier being 100% in control of my income and its potential to grow.

No dependencies, and no disappointments at what someone else, thought I was worth. And much less risk as my income now came from so many different sources.

More importantly, I had created an independent financial freedom that allowed me to Live Anywhere and Leave Anything.

So I did.

I finished the reno on my house, sold it and most of my car collection, and moved from Toronto to Florida with my much-loved dog to be with my now Fiancé…to start my next chapter

On my terms.

Whether you chose to value invest, do dividend investing, swing trading or day trading for a daily consistent income you can access from anywhere, I can help you get there.

I do it every day.

Wanna join me?

(Ok, OK…now we can go back to it being all about you)