A lot of things can be learned over a laptop, a cup of coffee, and maybe a cookie or two these days. We live in a world of unlimited info available with a couple of clicks on a screen.

Sounds great, however sorting through all of that info to get what you need can often take a lot of time, and then learning what’s real and what can be safely ignored can take even longer.

This is a big reason why people outsource their financial futures to others…it seems really hard to take it on yourself.

But…what if all of that can actually be easy?

I’ve simplified this whole process into easy-to-understand courses that are delivered in a simple and direct style.

No esoteric language, or pre-requisites in chart reading, fundamental analysis, or candle patterns required. I even call out BS when I see it and show you where it lurks.

I wrote it for everyday people who want to take control of their Financial Freedom.

Not just traders.

LTF Part I is an intro course that gets you well along the way of being able to pick winning plays as investments or trades.

LTF Part II is a specialized deep dive into Day Trading. Tested and verified, it’s aimed at making even complete novices profitable with a reliable daily income source they can access from anywhere!

Want to Live Anywhere, and Leave Anything?

Then click the link and let’s go!

Learn to Fish Part I

Why Do You Need This Course?

A one stop overview of how to Find Winning Plays in the Market, whether that’s for 

  • Day Trading
  • Swing Trading
  • Value Investing
  • This course covers all of the above in an introduction to trading format that is perfect for beginners
  • 2.5 hours of content
  • Simple and direct delivery

Learn to Fish Part II

Why Do You Need This Course? 

  • 79 Pages of Content that goes in depth into how anyone can day trade successfully, and reliably
  • No matter your account size, you can make life changing money, consistently, while reducing the risk you take to do so
  • I show you how day trading is an essential skill, for all situations. Whether that’s to provide extra income in retirement, pay off debt, send your kid to a better school, or reduce your dependency on a job that can deem you ‘non-essential’ at any time.
  • How to avoid common errors that would sabotage your efforts
  • How to adopt the right behaviors to consistently win
  • How to recover bad trades from red to green
  • Real world trade examples that show how the principles I teach are used to make real money, every day
  • Most importantly, I show you how financial freedom is for everyone, and within your reach
  • Financial Freedom is the ability to Live Anywhere, and Leave Anything. This course is one of the best ways of making that happen…for anyone

Learn to Fish Part III

Swing Trade. Make Consistent Gains. Repeat

The markets can be volatile. The method in Learn To Fish Part III greatly reduces the risk that creates to generating consistent wins by

  • Introducing a clear, reliable and accessible method that anyone can understand and use
  • Explaining how to filter through the universe of potential trades to get to the critical few that are in the best position to gain
  • Providing a simple and proven method for combining technical analysis and fundamentals to ensure you are positioning your money at the right time, in the right place
  • Giving a simplified but detailed system to manage risk, and maximize returns
  • Explaining how limiting to a core rotation of stocks allows you to eliminate the noise of the market and facilitate better trading habits
  • Generating two incomes out of one stock

Learning to trade for consistent, reliable, income is the best pathway to having the Financial Freedom to Live Anywhere, and Leave Anything

Why Do You Need This Course? 

  • 111 Pages of Content that goes in depth into how anyone can swing trade successfully, and reliably
  • Tackles both behavioral and risk management techniques to remove the biggest challenges you will face as a trader….your own controllable errors
  • Builds on the methods introduced in Learn To Fish Part II and clearly illustrates how they can be adapted to Swing Trading reliably and consistently
  • Packed with real world examples of real trades taken using the method to help show how to do the same yourself
  • How to combine technical analysis with fundamentals and how that can provide an advantage
  • How to find and sort through potential trade ideas to the critical few you will take
  • How to generate multiple income streams from one stock
  • Extensive section on how to manage risk that doesn’t just focus on tools, but entries/exits, paying too much, and how to manage risk intra-trade
  • How to use risk management to increase your returns per trade
  • How to turn a trade that continued dipping from red to green without tying up capital
  • How to avoid creating capital traps
  • How to use simple visual cues
  • Step by step how to on making trades as visual as possible and how to eliminate the attention drain from alerts, distractions, hype, news cycles, and negativity
  • How to have a simple, repeatable method, how to find the trades to apply that method, how to control your risk while in that trade, and how to manage it to maximize your returns by using the natural volatility to your advantage

Learn to Fish Part IV