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How Are We Doing??

I truly believe that the method I teach through our Learn To Fish courses and coaching can be used by anyone successfully to achieve financial freedom.

That’s not just my opinion, it’s a resounding theme with so many who have taken the time to give us their feedback after taking the course themselves.

Join us!

Chaz @chazambassador

Twitter, May 16, 2022

Daniel is one of the few on Twitter that actually offers education. He isn’t calling some dog$hit penny stock every day. Therefore, you have to do your part and put in the work. He gives you the education at an extremely reasonable price. If you pay attention you will bank!

Drake Smith @drakesmith_

Twitter, May 12, 2022

Do you struggle trading? Do you find that you are always on the wrong side of a trade? It may not be your technical skills or your ability to value a stock, it is probably your psychology I learned how to day and swing trade from @Investandbefree

Terry @WebMoneyWays

Twitter, Nov 15, 2021

You’re right, by the way, that your system works also with Options. I’ve hit 4 straight, including one today on JWN, shares/calls in tandem. Xtra $

Pedro @Bottom_Feeder

Twitter, Nov 15, 2021

It was another fantastic morning, simply by just following the basic rules
from LTF 2, no BS alerts (Up $437.50, 4.78%)

Kevin Leighton @kevjleighton

Twitter, Nov 11, 2021

…I am green for 20 days. Almost tripled my account since September.


Twitter, Oct 20,2021

@investadbefree Currently watching LTF II… it’s the new day trading bible !!…Love it so far, can’t wait for the market to open tomorrow. Thank you.


Twitter, Oct 19,2021

One thing I have learned From Daniel…he wants everyone to succeed. The Learn to Fish series part 1 and 2 offers something for beginners to experienced traders. Daniel teaches from the experience and shows practical situations that happen day to day and how to master them.

Alejandro Galvez @horadeentrenar

Twitter Oct 14,2021

This 2 video seminars are pure gold when talking about consistent trading

Brian @TheRealBK129

Twitter, Oct 5, 2021

You sir are a certified sicko! I love it! For everyone else Daniel’s charts always look similar. Download LTF part 2 and it will expand your mind and you make sense of the market

Terry @WebMoneyWays

Twitter, July 7, 2021

Daniel, just a short note to thank you for a #newertraders note you tweeted
today. (I’m already crazy about you and your helpful tweets and your “Fish”
program.) I’m 71, very active, and just began trading in January. I studied hard, listened, and am psychologically suited to trading. Just sayin’. So believe it or not, I’ve been profitable since Day 1. So much so, that I’ve been thinking of
giving up my regular business. Thanks again. You da man.

Matt Deepe, CPA @MDeepe_cpa

Twitter April 21, 2021

Just wanted to drop into your DMs and thank you for everything you put out here. You are changing peoples lives and I am thankful I came across your
page a few months back. Keep it up!


Twitter, Mar 3, 2021

Hey Daniel – just wanted to say thanks for spending the time you do putting
together the tweets and video materials for those are still trying to get up to speed as a “trader”.