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Why Do This?

Why create a site like this? Why offer a legitimate path to financial freedom aimed at the masses and not just the select few? 

There’s a lot of financial resources out there….really good ones….but very few that are accessible for everyone. That’s not a knock, but for many people who don’t do this money stuff every day, a lot of it is very dry, esoteric, and about as compelling as the dust bunnies under your bed.

The effect of that, is that most people would rather choose to rearrange their sock drawer and outsource their financial future to an ‘advisor’, because taking it on seems hard, and well…boring.

And that’s a shame, because the content itself is actually quite valuable, and if more people used it, they’d be much better off.

But the simple truth is you can’t use what you don’t engage with.

So I’m out to change all that.

You won’t find bizarre terms here, condescending language, or any attempts to make concepts seem more intelligent than they truly are. In fact, you’ll even hear me call out bulls**t on many things along the way.

That’s on purpose. I don’t want to hide behind a bunch of fluff that adds no value, and doesn’t help anyone succeed.

I keep it simple and direct.

Also, think about all we’ve gone through the last 2 years. 

What should be clear to everyone who paid attention was that having a traditional job or career, (which used to be seen as the best, safest, and surest path to long term success), suddenly became the riskiest, and easiest to lose source of income for millions of people, worldwide. 


Because your financial security and income is not in your hands. It’s in someone else’s.

That dependency puts all of you in that position at risk. That really bothers me, and I suspect it bothers you too. 

I want to reduce or eliminate that dependency that someone, or something outside your control has on you being able to secure your finances, your future, and with it your financial freedom.

Whether that is through learning how value investors know what something is worth, and pay less for it, and how you can do the same to virtually guarantee long term capital gains, or dividend investing to grow sustainable passive income that stays ahead of inflation, or swing trading to grow your portfolio value or generate monthly or weekly returns to augment your salary.

All of these put your future back in your hands.

Remember, no one…no matter who they are, cares more about your money than you do.

And I offer one more path that will have you making money almost immediately….day trading.

I know, your eyes just popped out and in your head you hear all the innuendo, fear and exclamations that day trading is dangerous, risky, gambling, and may even cause really bad diarrhea!

The truth is, that’s bulls**t.

And I have hundreds of people who have adopted my day trading method and proved it independently who are now making daily income for themselves consistently. In fact, learning to trade a reliable method to generate the cash you need every day is the fastest path to financial freedom.

And…my method is accessible to virtually anyone

You don’t have to start with an insurmountable sum, nor do you need to target earning thousands a day. 

In fact, I recommend you start relatively small and target a simple $100 per day. 

I know, that doesn’t sound sexy like promising “$1,000,000 in less than three weeks, working only 5 min per day,” like you might hear elsewhere, but bear with me here.

With my method, your income potential is really unlimited, but let’s stick with our $100 per day example to start with.

Consider that the average salary in North America is somewhere between $45k – $60k a year depending on your data source, so let’s call it $55k.

$100 per day, (assuming you trade for 220 days a year…leaving you free to take a month off for things like family vacations, or sleep in, or work on your tan lines…) adds up to about $22k per year.

Yep, a 50% raise. That covers a lot of things. Wants, needs, you name it, …and it starts to seriously chip away at that dependency on someone else.

That’s huge!

Now imagine if you can be consistent at $100 per day, do you really think its difficult to scale that to $200 per day, or a $1000 in time?

Think about how fast that dependency changes then.

I want to put you in control of your income as much as I possibly can.

So what are you waiting for???

Let’s get started.

From Day Trading, to Swing Trading, to Value Investing. I’ve simplified how to find winning plays, and when to enter, and exit them

Need something a little extra, personalized for your situation, experience and objectives? I can help through 1:1 coaching built around you.

To achieve this doesn’t require a big pile of money, it requires getting the money you need, every day. Through our articles, blogs, courses, coaching, I can make this achievable for virtually everyone.


Daniel is an entrepreneur, professional trader and investor, and financial coach based in Tampa, Florida.


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