Coaching can be a great option to get on the right path, ask questions that are unique to you and your circumstances, experience, and objectives, and to move forward with a custom plan designed around you.

For many, it can fill in a lot of blanks!

The Entries, Exits, and Risk, Live Trading Discord Session is a great starting point as it brings all the lessons to life, in real time.

Done in a small group setting to ensure personalized attention to the areas you need, this is not a typical Discord exchange. This is a live, on voice, talking like human beings, no texting, interactive exchange with me.

You won’t be lost in a crowd of thousands, but rather a small setting of no more than 5 people at a time, for two hours.

These sessions are focused on the “how”….and getting you independent as a trader. 

For the Platinum Program, we go into detail…deep detail. That said, space for participants is limited, and honestly this level of coaching is not for everyone.

To that end, I’ve created a simple questionnaire to get know you if you’re interested in pursuing the coaching option. From there, I assess the answers and if all looks good, we go ahead and schedule a quick 30- minute call to review in further detail and ensure I understand what success looks like to you.

If we can align on all that, I send you the link to purchase the coaching program.

Choose the option that works for you!

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Entries, Exits and Risk – Live Trading Coaching Session

  • Small group setting of up to 8 people per session ensures you get YOUR questions answered
  • Two hour session, LIVE
  • Completing Learn To Fish Part II highly recommended to get the most out of the coaching session, and to keep up with the group
  • This is not a series of videos, or resource links that leave you on your own to learn
  • This is a LIVE session where you can ask questions in real time and focused on the following;
  • How to plan for and spot entries
  • How to plan for exits
  • How to spot reversals
  • How to manage risk within the trade
  • How to read the chart to tell you what will happen next to the price per share
  • How to use multiple time frames to your advantage
  • How to incorporate the lessons into your swing, or long term trades or even options
  • Quick ROI on the coaching and ongoing returns last for life
  • Learn to trade independently and stop losing money on blind alerts, hype, or pumps
  • Understand what the chart is telling you and stop the dependence on others, or opinions on social media.
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1:1 On Going Coaching – Platinum Three Month Access
  • 3 months, 12 sessions, dedicated time 1 on 1
  • Limited to a max of 6 people per fiscal quarter
  • Exclusive Participation – Not all applicants will be accepted
  • Pre-call to determine suitability for this level of coaching
  • Pre-screen questionnaire must be completed for all applicants 
  • Initial 1 hour intro Zoom Session with me (Kick off and strategy)
  • 11 recurring 30 min Zoom Sessions – 1 every remaining week
  • Ideal for someone who feels they could benefit from ongoing guidance, and has a portfolio size, and expected outcomes that warrant the cost of coaching
  • Aimed at people serious at becoming a better trader, and becoming consistent with making winning trades that pay….over and over again
  • This package includes a complete review of your portfolio and recent trade history
  • What worked and what didn’t
  • How to improve your trading success rate whether that’s day trading, swing trading or value investing with an in-depth on finding/entering winning trades/positions
  • Mastering entries/exits
  • Weekly review of trades taken/not taken to determine improvements
  • Weekly recommendations to improve performance
  • Open discussion of what I’m investing/trading in and how
  • Fantastic investment in your future.
  • Quick ROI on the coaching, and ongoing returns last for life!
  • Access to one Discord live coaching session Free
  • Learn To Fish Part I Free
  • Learn To Fish Part II Free
  • Learn To Fish Part III Free (when published)
  • Learn To Fish Part IV Free (when published)

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