Trading Paired ETF’s


The Safest Strategy to Consistently Profit In This Volatile Market




Building off the methods in the Learn To Fish Course Series, Trading Paired ETF’s goes deep into why these instruments should be a core part of your trading strategy if you want consistent, readily available gains…each and every day.

  • As typical for all of my courses, this is presented in a clear, reliable and accessible method that anyone can understand and use
  • Explains how it is the perfect strategy in a volatile market
  • Provides a simple, proven method to reliably profit whether the market is moving up or moving down
  • Shows how paired ETF’s eliminates the noise of the market, alerts, hype, pump, and news cycles and gives you the means to trade profitably consistently….on your own.
  • How to generate a consistent stream of income using the inverse relationship of the trading pair
  • How to utilize the strategy for both day or swing trading.
  • How to see when a set up is degrading and how to keep you safe by letting the chart tell you when to stay in a trade and when to flip to the opposite pair.


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