Paid By The Hour


The Safest Strategy to Consistently Profit In This Volatile Market




-Building off the methods in the Learn To Fish Course Series, Paid By The Hour is a deep dive into what has become my dominant trading strategy in 2022.

-As typical for all of my courses, this is presented in a clear, reliable and accessible method that anyone can understand and use

-Explains the history of how the strategy was conceived and why it was driven by the market changes we are seeing

-Provides a simple, proven method to reliably profit whether a stock is moving up or moving down

-Works on virtually any tradable instrument including Crypto

-Eliminates the noise by showing how focusing on only 1 or 2 or a small handful of stocks can not only be extremely lucrative, but make you a much better

-Generating two incomes out of one stock

-Have more time for living and less being devoted to being in front of a screen


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